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The Lifedrawing Music Club: Drawing to the Rhythm of Dance

At the Lifedrawing Music Club, drawing comes to life to the sound of music. Here, models don’t pose; they dance.

By following their graceful movements on stage, students’ pencils are inspired by the swaying of hips or the elegance of a pose. A completely new lifedrawing experience that promises to enhance their artistic practice

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Chéri Samba Exhibition at the Maillol Museum : a retrospective of 40 years of painting by the famous Congolese artist.

From October 17, 2023, to April 7, 2024, the Maillol Museum hosts the first retrospective of Chéri Samba. This Congolese artist, a major figure in the African contemporary art scene since the 1980s, is celebrated through more than 50 works from the Jean Pigozzi collection.

His vividly colored paintings, seamlessly blending portraits and political satires, promise to reveal the full richness of his unique style.

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