The Lifedrawing Music Club: Drawing to the Rhythm of Dance

Drawing in Motion: An Innovative and Artistic Approach

The Lifedrawing Music Club disrupts traditional drawing norms with a unique formula that blends music and dance performance. Here, no static poses during lengthy sessions, but rather workshops with live models whose agile movements complement the musical rhythms.

To enhance the creative moments, a DJ mixes a relaxed musical atmosphere to put participants in a positive mood. Whether focusing on the strokes or simply relaxing between poses, the rhythmic soundtrack will brighten the workshop atmosphere throughout the day.

This choreographed approach brings a new dimension to sketching. Drawing inspiration from the ephemeral lines revealed by the choreography, participants see their practice animated and elevated. Their pencils strive to capture the grace and vitality of silhouettes shaped by music.

For the first time in Paris, this workshop allows aspiring artists to perceive the human body from a fresh perspective, while developing their observational skills and manual dexterity. Drawing and performance come together for a creative and stimulating learning experience.

Sessions for All Skill Levels

At the Lifedrawing Music Club, everyone is welcome, regardless of their drawing level. Sessions are adapted for both beginners and more experienced participants.

Basic materials (paper, pencils, charcoal) are provided to comfortably delve into sketching in motion. Technical advice is also given during each session to enhance skills in depicting outlines.

Choreographed performances stimulate the creativity of each individual, without a need for a specific technique to master beforehand. Here, spontaneity and observational skills take precedence over the final result. Everyone leaves with new perspectives on art and their own graphic expression.

The Lifedrawing Music Club in Photos


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