Chéri Samba Exhibition at the Maillol Museum : a retrospective of 40 years of painting by the famous Congolese artist.

Committed and prolific painter with colorful universes

Chéri Samba quickly established himself as the critical voice of his generation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since the 1980s, his brightly colored paintings have humorously and provocatively denounced the ills of Kinshasa society, such as corruption and political violence. A master portraitist, he does not hesitate to sketch those in power in satirical scenes that have earned him renown.

Beyond his sharp commentary on current events, Chéri Samba explores a myriad of societal subjects, including women’s rights, education, and the environment. A street poet and committed witness, he uses his art as a critical and playful outlet. This prolific humanist has produced hundreds of works brimming with fantasy and life, skillfully wielding vibrant colors and expressive characters.

An unprecedented retrospective at the Maillol Museum

This marks the first time that such a comprehensive retrospective is dedicated to Chéri Samba in Europe. Showcasing over 50 major works selected from the artist’s collection of 500 pieces housed in the Jean Pigozzi collection, the exhibition at the Maillol Museum extensively covers the four decades of the painter’s creative journey.

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire iconic masterpieces from each period, ranging from the early political satires of the 1980s to his more recent reflections on the environment and North-South relations. They will also explore the artist’s aesthetic influences, from African tribal art to Western pop culture, encompassing modern masters along the way.


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